Social Media Search

Wouldn’t it be useful to learn that a reportedly disabled claimant is posting a Facebook “Check-In” at a tennis court every Sunday at a specific time?



Tweets, check-ins, status updates, picture & video sharing sites, online-communities and blogs! We search them all! Utilizing our proprietary social network analysis platform, we are able to mine social media websites to obtain pertinent information and determine activity patterns of a particular individual. In addition to social media, our analytical system filters and sorts through comprehensive databases, public records, address databases, telephone databases, motor vehicle information and general internet data searches. When used prior to surveillance, these results provide a cost-saving solution to better determine an individual’s character, when they are most likely to be active and what types of activities they are performing.


This service includes:


  • A search of all active and major social media networks for evidence of the individual by one of our digital detectives.


  • A detailed and concise report chronicling all of the findings.


  • Photographs (screenshots) of all relevant information and photos.


  • Recommendations for when surveillance would be best, if needed.


“Social media activity can absolutely be subpoenaed!” —ROCKFORD CRIMINAL ATTORNEY

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